Monthly Archives: March 2010

Knowlege is power.

Taking some online classes at “Fractured U” by Fractured Atlas. Our (hopefully) soon to be fiscal sponsor. We love these guys. They are such an incredible resource to starting art centers and artists.


Questions and Answers.

Working on our facebook page.

Everything we do brings more questions. We’re looking to have a booth at the South LA Earth Day. Which brought up the fact that we’d need a tent. And then the question, What size tent do we get? (We need our dollars to stretch because we haven’t even started fundraising yet, so this tent needs to be useable for every street fair and event we’re a part of.) Which then requires the research of what size tents other street fairs and events require.

In terms of facebook it’s: Do we have a page? A fanpage? A group. There are plusses and minuses to each. Hmmmm….

Consistent Branding.

Created a header for our awesome blog. Looking good. Creating some solid branding. It’s getting easier to make a lot of these elements now that our branding is getting locked in. We’ve got our logo, colors, and fonts.

I love CMYK the building blocks of color. With just these four colors any printer can print all the colors in the rainbow. Just like the Arts are the building blocks of life.

Get it?

Hello world!

And now we’ve got a blog. Things are rolling indeed.