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WISE Time.

The screens for our fundraising/awareness campaign are getting made fast and furious style. This is the screen for the t-shirt design of WISE (aka Michael Delahaut). Part of The Seventh Letter Crew and Known Gallery. WISE is basically the nicest guy you’ll ever meet! Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, he’s been involved in the early graffiti scene here since 1984. He’s also been a super supporter of The Center, by getting some of his other Seventh Letter and Known Gallery peeps on board.

You can check out more of his awesome work here: CLICK


Two Rabbits Arts LA!

Another “I Art LA” screen, burned and ready for our “I Art LA” campaign coming soon. This is the contribution of Two Rabbits, (Bob Motown and Mike Thacker.) Graphic designers and illustrators, these Rabbits make some of the most kick butt posters you’ve seen coming out of LA. You can check out more of their work here:

Silky Sounds

We got the animatic for our viral video yesterday. Man these guys are good! An animatic is a moving story board. But with music and voice over! It’s great because you can really see how everything is going to come together.

We also recorded voice over last night for the video. Total funzies, but also kind of scary in a way. It’s definitely weird to hear your own voice recorded. You can totally hear yourself breathe when you read the script.

It was a fun process and we had a bunch of folks do different reads of the script. Sean was a total trooper! He was all winded from getting over being ill but was still able to rock it with his silky vocals. Jake had a good time goofing on the couch, Eli was sweet, Aaron of course was drawing, Jason loved the mike, Tiff was director awesome, Jess laughed and bit her nails, and Chris was our technical guru. All in all Voice Over =  Teasing and Good Times.

Our original plan was to have different voices come in and out at different parts. But after seeing the animatic, which has a lot of awesome movement, we think it would be too much for the voice to change as well. So after all that, we’re just going to keep it simple with one voice.

Coming soon!

Meeting the Big Shots

It took a lot of work, but we’re officially on the calender to meet with the Los Angeles County, Second District Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. Very awesome. It’s always great to have politicians supporting your cause. We’re working right now on putting together a cohesive presentation for him. This was one of his quotes when he made the move from Senator to Supervisor.

“I am energized by the challenges that lie ahead. My move to the L.A. County Board of Supervisors comes with a strong voter mandate for change, empowerment and results on important issues, such as health services, public safety, and economic development and jobs. This is as invigorating a homecoming as any public official could ever hope for. I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work for the people of the 2nd District,”

We can’t wait to meet him.

Still waiting to hear back from Bernard C. Parks, the district 8 Councilmember. We contacted the mayor today. And are getting the contact info for our California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger

So with this big meeting coming up we need some help. Tell your friends what we’re doing and have them fan our facebook page. Here’s the link to the page : LINK.

If you’re already one of our friends, please spread the word. Under the logo on our facebook page there’s a “Suggest to Friends” link. Click on that link and send it to your buddies. Just like this:

You’ll be our bestest friend.

Manual Arts High School is Rad.

I went to Manual Arts High School this morning to meet with the Art Teachers. As part of our awareness/fundraising campaign we’re having different LA Artist design “I Art LA” shirts. We all thought it’d be awesome if a couple of the local high schoolers contributed a design to this project as well.

Both John and Mark were great. Super nice guys, who have  done amazing things at the school. Recently they had a bunch of LA street artists come and decorate the hallways. There’s student work mixed in with the work of famous LA artists. It’s basically the coolest school I’ve ever seen.

Check out the photos:

And a random fact: Jackson Pollock is a 1930 Alum of the high school.

Three Legged Legs

Just saw the reference packet for what will be our viral video for our awareness/fundraising campaign. (A reference packet is initial thoughts, direction, images and sketches.) Super stoked!  Tiffany Stark, copywriter of awesomeness, wrote a wonderful script and the guys at Three Legged Legs are making it come to life. These guys are amazingly talented and so very nice to do a pro bono project like this. Their work is killer and we’re on the exact same page for how the video should be.

They were our number one choice of who we wanted to make the video, and we’re all so very excited that they said yes!

They’ll have a rough of it by the end of the week and we can’t wait to see it.

You can see more of their work here:

Love them!

Making Tees

We’re working on an awesome awareness/fundraising campaign, which we’ll launch in June. As part of the fundraising different LA Artists are designing “I ART LA” shirts for us. This is Aaron Onsurez’s t-shirt design. Rad! You can check out more of Aaron’s amazing illustrations here: CLICK

Burned the screen last night.