Silky Sounds

We got the animatic for our viral video yesterday. Man these guys are good! An animatic is a moving story board. But with music and voice over! It’s great because you can really see how everything is going to come together.

We also recorded voice over last night for the video. Total funzies, but also kind of scary in a way. It’s definitely weird to hear your own voice recorded. You can totally hear yourself breathe when you read the script.

It was a fun process and we had a bunch of folks do different reads of the script. Sean was a total trooper! He was all winded from getting over being ill but was still able to rock it with his silky vocals. Jake had a good time goofing on the couch, Eli was sweet, Aaron of course was drawing, Jason loved the mike, Tiff was director awesome, Jess laughed and bit her nails, and Chris was our technical guru. All in all Voice Over =  Teasing and Good Times.

Our original plan was to have different voices come in and out at different parts. But after seeing the animatic, which has a lot of awesome movement, we think it would be too much for the voice to change as well. So after all that, we’re just going to keep it simple with one voice.

Coming soon!


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