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July Artwalk!

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This month we had a booth at the Downtown LA Artwalk. It was awesome! Met a bunch of really nice people and did some fundraising with our “I Art LA” tees designed by awesome local LA Artists. We even were interviewed by local TV. (We’ll let you know if/when it airs!)

This being our first fundraising booth, (and not a happy craft time booth) we learned some really good lessons for next month. One, we need to make it more clear that we’re fundraising to build a center for the arts in south LA, (ie: that we’re fundraising, we’re not a vendor) and two we should have more better signage about who the LA Artists are that donated their designs.

All in all, it was pretty rad and we’ll do it again.



We have been so busy over here I barely know where to begin… Oh wait!

The wonderful guys over at Three Legged Legs have finished our viral video, and let me tell you, it looks AWESOME!!!! They’re so stoked about it they’re even looking into ways to get it some airtime. If any of you people out there have some tips please pass them along. A few of us over here have been trying to figure out how to get some free time on Hulu and haven’t been able to figure it out.

All that’s left is for Aaron to update the “I Art LA” part of our website and for Sean to adjust the audio levels on the video and our campaign will be launched out into the world. Woot! Lets get some funds in here people so we can start with the art classes already! Donate and tell alllllll your friends to donate.

city hall los angeles 1

city hall los angeles 2
Our founder Jessica, met a couple weeks ago, with the folks in Councilmember Bernard C Parks, District 8, office. If you haven’t been to City Hall, seriously go check it out. The inside of the building is beautiful!

mel kadel "I Art LA"

Tony Jagoda "I Art LA"


Adam Flores "I Art LA"

We’ll also have a booth at this Thursday’s Downtown LA Artwalk. We’ll be selling the “I Art LA” tee that various amazing LA Artist have designed as part of our fundraiser. Stop by and say hello! We’ve been printing tees like crazy getting ready for this.

We’ve been contacted by some folks that own property in South LA. Very excited to talk with them and find out more about their spot.

There’s even more going on, but it’s getting late. Enjoy the various pics!

Hope to see you all at Art Walk!