The Center : South LA will be an Arts Center in South Los Angeles. We will offer a variey of creative classes in traditional and non-traditional Dance, Theatre Drawing/Painting, Music and Arts & Crafts.

Art should be accessable to everyone. Our mission is to inspire and educate young people in the community through unique classes in the arts. As well as share our passion in the various art fields through performances. We are a place to learn and connect. Growing our community.


2 responses to “About

  1. I am available to teach painting classes and will volunteer my time. You may call me or my business manager, Amy Lanier.

    Davyd Whaley
    Santa Fe Art Colony

  2. Jose L. Gutierrez

    I am an artist, educator, and advocate who grew up and still lives in the Florence Community of South Los Angeles. I am excited at the possibilities of The Center: South LA. I found out about your organization through Danielle Brazell and Arts For LA. I look forward in hearing from you to arrange a possible meeting, including an informational interview.

    Peace and Goodness,
    José Luis Gutierrez

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