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We were blogged!

So neat-o! We met this awesome funny guy Willie at the Downtown LA artwalk a couple weeks ago. He’s on a mission to crash 100 parties in 100 days. Well he crashed LA Artwalk and was kind enough to include a blurb about us and a photo on his blog. Check it out here: CLICK


July Artwalk!

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This month we had a booth at the Downtown LA Artwalk. It was awesome! Met a bunch of really nice people and did some fundraising with our “I Art LA” tees designed by awesome local LA Artists. We even were interviewed by local TV. (We’ll let you know if/when it airs!)

This being our first fundraising booth, (and not a happy craft time booth) we learned some really good lessons for next month. One, we need to make it more clear that we’re fundraising to build a center for the arts in south LA, (ie: that we’re fundraising, we’re not a vendor) and two we should have more better signage about who the LA Artists are that donated their designs.

All in all, it was pretty rad and we’ll do it again.