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James Jean, amazing artist and supporter of art.

James Jean

The amazing artist James Jean (who designed an “I Art LA” tee for us) was interviewed for a really great article. It even has photos of his studio and artwork! Check it out here:

His “I Art LA” tee is one of our best selling and has paid for a lot of art supplies!

Buy one yourself and support art and the youth of LA!!!

Here’s a straight link to his t-shirt:

Look how easy we made it for you!


Marco Zamora Arts LA!

Marco Zamora I ART LA t-shirt screen design

The Screen for Marco Zamora’s “I Art LA” tee. Awesome! You totally need to check out this guys work. Born in 1981. Marco Zamora works as an artist in Los Angeles, California. In 2004 he graduated from California Institute of the Arts, With a bachelor of Fine art. His work is a direct product of his inspiration, which includes urban conditions, the chaos of city life, youth culture, and the working class. Using the paintbrush to draw, his process begins by constructing an environment from his photographs. Figures are then conceptualized and added to fit his vision. The result creates a beautiful and complex tension between humankind and the urban landscape.

You can read about him and his downtown LA life in an interview that was done here: CLICK

And his portfolio site here: CLICK


SLICK I Art LA screen

Here’s LA Artist SLICK’s “I Art LA” screen. SLICK, born Richard P Wyrgatsch II, was raised in Hawaii and then moved to LA when he was 18 years old to pursue a career in commercial art and escape prosecution for vandalism. It was at Otis Parsons where he stumbled into his crew K.II.S. (KIll to Succeed), one of LA’s most respected crews. It may have been his years as an airbrush artist in the 80’s, his formal training at Art Center of just his intuitive sense for dynamic composition that set his work apart from the rest in this fame driven sport we refer to as bombing.

Third Rail Clothing, Fuct, Shaolin Worldwide, and more recently, Dissizit! are companies Slick founded. Being that fashion is so closely knitted with the music and motion picture industries, he found himself spray painting on such projects as “Bill & Ted’s II”, “Charlie’s Angels”, “Ocean’s 12” and “Fantastic 4” movies, “Pharcyde” and “Booya Tribe” albums and “Ice Cube”, “Ice T”, and “Red Hot Chili Peppers” videos just to name a few. He has worked with everyone from small independent recording artists to some of the biggest fish in the industry.

After all these years, Slick is still bombing, but now it’s mostly on canvases for galleries and legal murals commissions worldwide. Proving graff writers never die, they just get bufft.

You need to check out this guy’s website. It’s crazy awesome. He’s even won awards for it. here: CLICK

Tony Jagoda Arts LA!

Tony Jagoda "I Art LA" screen

Here’s the screen by LA Artist & Graphic Designer Tony Jagoda. We all love his stuff, and get a kick out of how different his graphic design work is from his illustration style. His book, magazine, and other layout design is super tight with super attention to detail typography. While his illustration style is completely no inhibitions and organic. How awesome is that?

He got his degree in Graphic Design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, headed to NY for a couple of years,  moved back to San Francisco to teach, and then moved to L.A. when an awesome opportunity arose. He’s currently back in school to get his masters degree.

You can see Tony’s kick ass work at his website here: CLICK

Jessica Talmadge Arts LA

Jessica Talmadge "I Art LA" screen

Here’s the rad “I Art LA” design by our founder Jessica Talmadge. She graduated from the Academy of Art University with her bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. Never able to be bored, Jessica, an award winning designer, specializes in branding, silkscreens, guerilla gardens, and takes crazy photos of abandoned places and buildings on of her urban exploration trips. (You can buy her fine art photography at stores around L.A.) You’ll find her in South LA, slowly but surely restoring her old house. And of course, seed bombing.

You can see her graphic design work here: CLICK

Mel Kadel Arts LA!

Mel Kadel "I Art LA" screen

Mel Kadel’s “I Art LA” design. She’s an amazing LA Artist.  She went to art school in Philly, moved around some and then ended up in a log cabin with her partner Travis Millard in the hills of Ecko Park in LA and is now represented the Richard Heller Gallery. She even recently designed an iphone cover. It’s super rad!

A bunch of us are totally jealous of her sweet studio. A log cabin in LA!!! How cool is that? Most of us didn’t even know that was possible here. You can check out a studio tour of hers here: CLICK

Check out a sweet interview with her here: CLICK

And then her website here: CLICK

Adam Flores Arts LA

AdamFlores "I Art LA" screen

Check out the screen of the “I Art LA” design by Adam Flores . Very very rad. Super nice guy who does incredible work. Very detailed and organic. You can basically just google his name and you’ll come across TONS of rad stuff he’s done.

Adam received his BFA from the Academy of Art University in 2009. He has since gained international recognition exhibiting thorough out Australia, Germany, Denmark, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

You can read a really sweet interview with him here: CLICK

He has a solo show at Gallery Heist right now, called FROM THERE TO HERE running June 5th-June 27th. If you’re up in San Francisco you should totally check it out! Gallery Link with more info here: CLICK