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We Need a Building

The more we get out and about, the more we research, the more firmly I believe we need a large building. It’s the only way we can offer the kinds of classes and events we want and to be the kind of center for the arts that we want to be. Michael’s been researching community events as well as arts in the area. He sent me this article from January of 2001 about a music program for kids in South LA. CLICK: Sweet Strings in South Central L.A.

It sounds like it was an amazing program.

“By October 2000 there were 60 kids in the program and 100 more on the waiting list”

“Was” though, because for the life of me I can’t find any kind of current information or website about it.

And here’s the thing. This isn’t easy. Building a center for the arts, or even offering just one class. It takes a lot of people, a bunch of time, and a TON of research. We accomplish great things by working together and sharing knowledge with each other. This is how we build a sustainable community. And of course, make friends. When we work together the load becomes lighter. If we have a building, then other smaller groups have a place they can use as well. Whether it’s for one or two classes that a smaller non-profit or person wants to offer, or a sewing circle, or some kind of group meeting.

It’d be so much easier to raise a couple thousand bucks and just get a small store front sized space. But that isn’t the plan. We wouldn’t be able to have events, and we wouldn’t be able to offer classes in ALL the art fields. We’ve built our budget and are raising funds for a 60 seat theater for events and performances, a dance studio, a silkscreening studio, and a visual arts station and music station. We’re going big, because that’s the only way we can do this right. Small dreams give us small things. Big dreams big things. And we’re going big here people.

Please donate anything you can to help us accomplish this dream.